Reward Point Offers on Payment Method nopCommerce Plugin

This plugin allows the store owner to configure reward points on payment methods available in their nopCommerce store.
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Feature list of Reward points offers on payment method: 

      1. Allow customers to avail reward points based on payment method.
      2. Set Reward points amount gained using a payment method.
      3. Payment points validity for each payment method.
      4. Activate the reward points immediately or after some predefine hours or days.
      5. Limited to store configuration.
      6. Listing the reward points on the admin side customer details page.
      7. The customer can see how many reward points will be earned on each payment method.
      8. The total number of reward points will display in the order summary section on the checkout page (Existing reward points + reward points by payment method).
      9. Reward points will be added only after the payment status is “Paid”.
      10. Customers can see their history of rewards points collected using the plugin payment method plugin on the Reward point page.

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