Extended Product Filters nopCommerce plugin

This plugin allows the store owners to extend their functionality with more detailed and efficient filtering.
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Feature list of Extended Product Filters: 

Free Version:

  1. Collapsible the filter panel. 
  2. Sorting of products by their ratings.
  3. Filtering of products by price, category, manufacture, vendor, specification, product attribute, in-stock & on-sale.
  4. Multi-store configuration supported. 

Paid Version:

  1. Show applied filters above the filter option.
  2. Allow the customer to clear applied filters.
  3. Display the number of filtered products after applying the filters.
  4. Lazy loading of the products for a seamless experience for your customer.
  5. Sorting by the relevance of the applied filter.
  6. Product filtering on the search page

Trial Version:

  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.

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