Cash On Delivery (COD) nopCommerce Plugin

This plugin allows the nopCommerce store owners to enable the “Cash On Delivery” option as a payment option.
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Key features of Cash On Delivery Plugin: 

Free Version:

  1. Setting to configure minimum and maximum order amount for the availability of COD payment method in Payment options on the checkout page.
  2. Setting to display COD payment option only if all products in the shopping cart are shippable.
  3. Setting to skip the payment information page during the checkout process.
  4. Multi-store configuration.

Paid Version

  1. All free version features.
  2. Setting to charge an additional fixed or percentage handling fee if the customer selects the COD payment method. This fee will be added to the order total and will be authorized and included in the order total amount that the customer will have to pay.

Trial Version:

  1. All paid version features are available for 10 calendar days.

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